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How to pick the right scent perfume online!

Are you searching for a perfume online and don’t know where to start? I think that we can all agree that choosing a perfume can be a difficult task, and selecting a perfume online can be even harder! Perfumes are a great way to make you feel fresh and ready for a day at work or a night on the town!

Perfume Online

At Enda Horan Pharmacy, we want to provide tips on choosing your perfume online. We are here to provide you with our knowledge and expertise to ensure that you receive the right perfume. We have so many different perfumes in stock with different scents for you!

We also stock many different brands of perfume, so if you have a favourite brand, this is a great place to start!

Choose a scent

One of the main things to look out for when buying perfume online is scents. Each fragrance comprises different layers of notes that build up the entire scent. These notes are a great way to choose what perfume you would like as it allows you to find scents that you enjoy or that comfort you. For example, if you enjoy the smell of vanilla, search for a perfume online with a vanilla note.

At Enda Horan Pharmacy, we specify the notes in the description of each perfume online to ensure that our customers can choose the scents that appeal to them the most.

Choose the concentration

Another main thing to consider when buying perfume online is the concentration of the perfume. Do you like a perfume that has a strong smell or a weaker smell? There are two different types of perfumes that you can get that can tell you whether they are stronger or weaker in concentration.

These two options are an eau de toilette and an Eau de parfum. An eau de toilette provides a weaker scent, and an Eau de parfum is a stronger scent that would last longer on the skin.

Grab a tester

If you are still unsure about what perfume to buy online after the last two tips, you could always come to the store and grab a tester. Our team of friendly pharmacists are always happy to help you choose a scent that suits you best. We have a large selection of perfumes to choose from, so pop in store and start testing!

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