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Makeup Online

Enda Horan Pharmacy is a well-established chemist based in Sligo. We provide customers with a large selection of Beauty products online. Our Makeup section Online has a wide variety of products from high-quality Makeup Brands.

Take a look at our Beauty products online today!


What Makeup Brands do we stock?

At Enda Horan Pharmacy, we stock products from some of the world’s leading Makeup Brands, such as:

Mesauda Milano

Estée Lauder


☑ Sosu by Suzanne Jackson

Shop beauty products from the world’s leading Makeup Brands at Enda Horan Pharmacy!


Why choose our Makeup section Online?

There are many reasons why you should choose our Makeup section Online:

We offer a wide variety of beauty products online

Our Beauty products online are very affordabl

Our Beauty products online are from the world’s leading Makeup Brands

Are you in search of makeup from the world’s leading Makeup Brands? Shop our selection now!


Why buy Makeup Online?

At Enda Horan Pharmacy, we want to ensure that buying beauty products online makes your life easier. We offer a quick and easy delivery service at a cost-effective price.

We ensure that your beauty products from leading Makeup Brands arrive straight at your door, giving you easily accessible makeup options at all times.

Shop our Makeup section Online today!

  • Where can I find a pharmacy near me?
    Enda Horan Pharmacy Ltd is a Sligo pharmacy providing prescription medication, over the counter medication, cosmetics, fragrances, and pet care items to the local Sligo community.
  • What kind of payment do you accept?
    If you buy something online to collect in-store, you can pay online via paypal or alternatively by cash or card in-store
  • How much does it cost to get a prescription?
    This all depends on the type of medication and whether you have a medical card or not. Get in touch with Enda Horan Pharmacy or your doctor today for more information on the price of prescription medication.
  • How do I order my prescriptions?
    If you require prescription medication, drop your prescription into our Sligo chemist and we can prepare your prescription for you.
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