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Dove Visable Glow Gradual Tan Fair to Medium

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Want to keep your healthy-looking bronze glow for longer without exposing your skin to the sun? Bask in Dove Visible Glow Self Tan Fair to Medium Body Lotion and treat yourself to that holiday hue all year round. Containing subtle, gradual self tanners, our Dove Visible Glow Self Tan Body Lotion leaves fair to medium skin tones beautifully golden and prolongs the natural-looking tan whilst caring for your skin. Enriched with our unique NutriDuo Complex, a blend of skin natural nutrients and rich essential oil, this Dove self tanning lotion nourishes skin deep* down, leaving your skin full of moisture and feeling cared for. How to use: A smooth surface will help get a more even finish, so start by exfoliating your skin. Massage the lotion evenly over clean, dry skin with circular motions. Allow the Dove body lotion to absorb into your skin before getting dressed and, once you’re finished, remember to wash your hands. Planning on spending time in the sun? Apply a separate sunscreen product over the top once your skin is dry. For a sun-kissed look all year round and sumptuously soft skin, reach for this sunshine-in-a-bottle and a summer glow, whatever the weather. *Within the stratum corneum

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