For professional health advice you can trust, get in touch with or team today

Pharmacy & Prescriptions

Based in the heart of Co. Sligo, Enda Horan Pharmacy has been offering top-quality pharmacy services and prescription dispensing for decades. As a local Sligo pharmacy, our team of experts are passionate about health and provide clear, honest, and accessible health advice and recommendations for all kinds of medical conditions. With highly-qualified and experienced pharmacists always on duty, you can rest assured that your health is in good hands when visiting Enda Horan Pharmacy. From blood pressure monitoring to general health advice and prescription dispensing, Enda Horan Pharmacy looks after all areas of your health and wellbeing.

For professional health advice you can trust, get in touch with or team today

Blood Pressure Monitoring

If you’re worried about your blood pressure, Enda Horan Pharmacy offers professional blood pressure monitoring services, using high-tech, professional equipment to give you an accurate reading every time.

Flu Vaccinations

If you want to avoid the dreaded winter flu, it’s important to be vaccinated against it every year, especially if you are an elderly person or part of an at-risk group. Our qualified staff will soon offer flu vaccinations to customers in-store. Simply get in touch with us today for more information.

Help With Quitting Smoking

Enda Horan Pharmacy offers professional help for customers who have decided to quit smoking, with achievable plans and expert advice available to make your journey to beating your addiction easier, less stressful and more achievable.

General Health Advice

Whether you’re worried about your weight, have a cold that won’t seem to go away, or simply want to ask for our advice on the tablets you’re taking, we can help. With years of experience in healthcare, our team can provide top-tier general health advice to customers of all ages.

Pharmacy Products

Alongside our health services, Enda Horan Pharmacy offers a wide variety of pharmacy products to buy over the counter, online, and in-store. Browse our selection today and choose from first aid supplies, compression stockings, medicines, and more.

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Order Prescriptions Online

To order an online prescription, simply fill in our form today for collection in-store.

Pharmacy & Prescriptions FAQ

  • How do I order prescriptions online from Enda Horan Pharmacy?

    To order your prescription online, simply fill out our “Order Prescriptions Online” form giving us details on the prescription you need fulfilled. Once we receive the form, we will complete your prescription and you can collect it in-store or have it delivered.

  • Where do you offer a prescription delivery service to?

    If you live within 5km of our Sligo pharmacy we offer a delivery service. To avail of this, either fill out our prescription order online form or contact the team on 0719142560.

  • Do you offer BMI checks?

    Yes. Here at Enda Horan Pharmacy we offer all kinds of health services and health advice including professional BMI checks.

  • Can I collect my prescription the day I order it?

    Yes, if we have the medicine that you require in stock, you can certainly collect it on the same day that you order it.